Walk Worthy of the Lord – Colossians 1:10

Walk Worthy of the Lord

Walk Worthy of the Lord - Colossians 1:10 | Follower of One

What does it mean to “walk worthy of the Lord,” from this verse? Some translations have “live a life worthy of the Lord.” What is a life worthy of the Lord?

We please God. We bear fruit, and we increase in the knowledge of God. Notice the cycle. Your ministry to coworkers is part of the divine plan to restore all of creation to a correct relationship with God. When we are filled with the knowledge of God’s will, we walk in a manner worthy of God. We please him in all respects, we bear fruit and we increase in the knowledge of God. Paul even takes another lap until we all give God thanks again in verse 12.

Your ministry is part of God’s plan to restore all of creation. When our knowledge of God results in joy that others can see, we bear fruit. We help others move one notch closer to God. I would say that’s our job, but we also receive great joy from being close to God. When we can get close to God in the middle of a messy meeting, or a difficult work situation, our God becomes visible. It’s not work to walk in a manner worthy of God’s calling. It’s joy!

Will you join God in this New Year? Will you pray for your coworkers like Paul prayed for the Christians at Colossae? Why not make plans now to make 2021 the year you step into your role as a full-time ministry right where you work. This is an opportunity to experience God’s joy daily. It’s not more work, it’s more joy. Try it out at MarketplaceMissionTrip.com and see.

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