Outside the Camp – Hebrews 13:12-13

By Tammy Burke

How different must we be to trust and follow Jesus?

Jesus was humiliated and killed. He was ridiculed. He allowed himself to be beaten and killed by the very people he was saving. Are we willing to endure the same kind of hostility? Are we even called to endure disgrace like that? 

He gave us grace, but he suffered disgrace. Interesting thought. What are we willing to endure because we follow him? Are we willing to be passed up for a promotion? Are we willing to be different? Have you asked God lately what he would have you do differently? Is there something you sense you should do something but you haven’t done it yet? 

Will you take an extra 5 minutes today and pray for the people you work with but don’t like? Will you ask God to show you something you can do for that person?

Will you even go so far as to ask God to give you opportunities to go outside the camp?

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