Patient Listening – Jeremiah 42:7

By SAM Morrison

Patient Listening

Patient Listening - Jeremiah 42:7 | Follower of One

They asked Jeremiah to pray to God for direction. They said they would do whatever God told them to do through Jeremiah. Then everyone waited. Verses like this one take a second to read. But it took 10 days to live.

How do you wait for God? Mike confessed that he doesn’t wait well. What about you? Can you persist in waiting on God? Can you resist moving before you’re clear? Can you wait 10 days or longer?

Often God makes us wait to show us what we already know, we’re selfish and impatient. Today, let’s give God some time. Whatever you are asking God about, promise to wait another day. And in an hour when you’re thinking about it again, remind yourself that you’re waiting a day. Let’s develop a long view. Can you wait as long as it takes? And check out Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson, which is where Mike first got the idea to wait as long as it takes.

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