Plan Your Most-Godly Response

When we go into our everyday, even though we have the Holy Spirit living in us, we battle the world, our flesh and the devil to keep a conscious participation with God. Each day, moment by moment, my goal is to try to have a most-Godly response or MGR. Moment by moment, I want to make the most-Godly choices I can make. I want most-Godly reactions drawing me to God. When something doesn’t go my way or when it does, what would God have me do?

In the book, I’d Like You More If You Were More Like Me, John Ortberg mentioned that Dallas Willard used to tell people to do the next right thing. God always gives us the ability to do his will when we look for it.

Habitual Responses

But our work day can present us with so many distractions, from the inside or outside. We each develop habits for dealing with outward circumstances like boredom or stress.

Habit #1 is that we react with a specific feeling. We may get angry, frustrated, discouraged or experience other feelings in reaction to our circumstances.

Habit #2 is how we react to our feelings from Habit #1. In reaction to anger, we may lash out, or pout, or eat. Others may watch TV, escape to alcohol or drugs, surf social media, or something worse.

Our actions can take us away from God or send us to Him. God allows the circumstance that happened so we will come to Him. When we bring Him our circumstances, and our resulting feelings, He can handle them. He can give us most-Godly responses to the circumstances and the feelings. Or we can default to our old, worldly, flesh-based ways of responding. The choice is up to us, but our habits often short-circuit the choice for us.

Create a Plan

Follower of One is working on a practical, daily, scripture-based strategy to train ourselves and our Christian friends to choose the next right thing in more and more circumstances. We want to help one another begin building the habits that challenge us to take our thoughts captive, give them to God, and then chose the most-Godly response.

What kind of training program do you undertake? And how is it working? I’d love to hear your thoughts and will be sharing the ideas over the next few posts as well. Thanks!

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