What Has God Done for You? – Luke 8:39

What Has God Done for You?

What Has God Done for You? - Luke 8:39 | Follower of One

Know what you believe – Here’s a man who was formerly possessed by an army of demons. They just left the man, went into a herd of pigs and the pigs all rushed into the sea and drown. This man has only been with Jesus less than a day, maybe only a couple of hours. And he wants to go with Jesus, but Jesus gives him a job.

Notice here and in Mark 5, which I also discuss, Jesus tells the man to tell others what Jesus did for him. That’s what Jesus asks us to do, too. Has Jesus changed you? Has following Jesus changed your life? Remember it like it was this morning. Think about the things Jesus has done in your life. Our minds are full of so much stuff, our to-dos and our commitments and our desires. Imagine Jesus saved you this morning and your life from then until now has taken place in time warp. How would you summarize what Jesus has done for you? Cook it off to one or two sentences. You want to give a curious coworker or customer just enough info to challenge them to ask for more. We don’t want to be the type of people who give a ton when we were asked for a couple of ounces. If people want to know more, they’ll ask.

Point your brain today. Bring it under your control. Think about the great things Jesus has done for you and how he had mercy on you. You’ll have a better day at work, but you’ll also have a great answer to this question when someone asks. Practice saying it out loud. Write it down. Get a friend and take turns asking one another, “Why are you doing this?” Then listen to the answer. Help someone else with this. This answer is key to opening the door to Jesus for your coworkers, customers and friends. Tomorrow, we’ll talk about how to make our lives more inviting, too.

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