Who Must We Serve? – John 13:14

Who Must We Serve?

Who Must We Serve? - John 13:14 | Follower of One

If the Lord washed our feet, and possibly even the feet of the one who would betray him, then where can we draw the line? Are there people we just wouldn’t be expected to serve? It seems like we must serve people we suspect might hurt us. It seems like there’s no job that is beneath us, either.

What will it take for you to serve others? Do you need it to be warmer, or do you need more time? Are you too busy or should you have more money in the bank? What things must be “right” before you will go out of your way to serve someone else? Jesus washed the disciple’s feet, and it’s possible that the man who betrayed him was in the room.

So what kind of a challenge crosses your mind. I prayed for you. I pray you will have an idea right now of a way to serve someone. Then, please send a note to feedback@followerofone.org and let us know what you did. Did you take action? What happened? What would you do differently? What kind of idea did you implement. Let’s get busy serving others today. That’s what ministry is: service. You can become a full-time minister the moment you decide you will serve others full-time. So what are you waiting for?

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