Here I am, Lord | Follower of One

Here I Am, Lord

When God prompts you to act, how do you respond? Do you hide from God, like Adam, or do you respond “Here I am, Lord” like Ananias? Does God prompt you to act and serve others in your workplace, or does he just talk to you on Sundays?

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Ministry Mindset Part 1 | Follower of One

Ministry Mindset Part 1

Do you have a ministry mindset? Most people think ministry is for someone else. But there is a new class of worker, the workplace minister. They go to work with a ministry mindset. This post begins to describe that mindset.

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We Have a Job

I don’t think I’m an accident of evolution. When I decided to line my life up with the truth I understand from the Bible, I embraced the idea that I was created for a specific purpose at a particular time. The One who created me, created everything. And when I, along with everyone one of […]

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