Understanding Your Purpose with James Madison, #93

By Lee Whitehead

Understanding Your Purpose

In this week’s episode of the Follower of One podcast, Mike speaks with James Madison. James is a 25 year veteran in executive leadership and currently runs his leadership and executive coaching company called OnPurpose Life. Please give him a warm welcome to the community! 

Episode Breakdown

Understanding Your Purpose with James Madison, #93 | Follower of One
  • 1:02 – Meet James Madison with OnPurpose Life
  • 3:32 – How to find your Purpose
  • 6:27 – Get In Touch with James 
  • 7:07 – James’ story to Christ
  • 9:07 – Using Your Faith Everywhere
  • 11:52 – What is Your Gift?
  • 14:17 – Marketplace Ministry

Understand Your Purpose

As Christians, we carry ourselves through life with God’s purpose in mind. But what is our purpose? Sometimes shifting through the debris of our experiences makes our purpose a bit blurry and hard to find. Meet James Madison. James works tirelessly for all of his clients to help them find their purpose and it all comes down to our passion, talent, and experience. What is your passion? Talent? Experience? When those three meet, that is a good indication of what you should be doing. I believe we all have this struggle in our lives when we reach a certain point. Sometimes you can discover this at an early age, and other times it is much later in life. The goal is to find it no matter what. So, what purpose do you have? No idea? – Contact James! 

Faith in Everything

James uses this quote from St. Francis – “Preach the Gospel at all times and if necessary, use words”. This sums up how we should view faith outside of the church! It should be through our actions and our example, not through quoting scripture, or trying to make everyone we meet a believer right there and then. Our faith is designed to lead not make them drink. We have a duty to the people around us. That duty is to be the shining light we see in God. How have you been the example you want to see in others? Has God shown you ways to live your faith in every action? If these are still lingering questions for you, join us for the next Marketplace Mission Trip! 

“What is your purpose? There is this idea that it is a luxury to know what your purpose is. You have to become aware of your purpose first and then walk in it let these things call upon you. It is what I call more flow, and less hustle.”

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