Ready for Anything Part 2 – 1 Peter 1:13

Ready for Anything Part 2

Ready for Anything Part 2 - 1 Peter 1:13 | Follower of One

Our second challenge in this verse is to be self-controlled. Various translations use different words, including being sober or sober in spirit. Being ready for anything means being spiritually aware and in control. We must be present with Jesus, intentional in the way we do things. The Amplified Bible says morally alert. MacArthur’s commentary said we are in charge of our priorities. We’re not impulsive, but purposeful. Our lusts and desires aren’t out of control or consuming us.

In our workplaces, do you ever get a bit frantic? Do you press for a deadline? Can you become a bit of a Mr. Hyde in certain circumstances? This command is to avoid becoming Mr. Hyde. We’re not to be consumed by an idea, or a fear. We don’t let our spirit get overwhelmed by anything other than Jesus. Sober means we’re not intoxicated. Nothing controls us. We remember we serve Jesus where we are.

Sometimes I find myself in a grump. I’m discouraged about something. Maybe some outcome I want is taking longer than I expected. Or maybe I have started wondering that it won’t happen. I’ve started to experience the failure in advance.

Peter reminds us to keep sober, and then he gives us the antidote – fix our hope. If we prepare our minds for action and if we’re sober minded, focused, then we can fix our hope on the grace we will receive when we see Jesus. We focus past any difficulty. We set our mind on a point in the future. As we look past the current difficulties, we can move through them. When we focus on Jesus, we can be his servant in any situation. We can be ready for anything because our mind is ready for action, our spirit is focused.

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