Simple Holiness – 1 Peter 1:14-16

By SAM Morrison

Simple Holiness

Simple Holiness - 1 Peter 1:14-16 | Follower of One

What does it mean to be holy? Notice how this follows fixing our hope completely on Jesus, and on the revelation. Jesus will reveal himself to us. To be holy means to be dedicated for a specific purpose. What purpose? The one God created us for. When you make something, you do it for a purpose. God created us for a purpose. Being holy means we are dedicated to that purpose.

We get so sidetracked. We believe we won’t experience any joy if we do what God wants. Mike’s goal was to be the third-to-last person into heaven. He didn’t want to work any harder than he had to. He thought doing what God wanted was work. Pleasure was doing what he wanted.

But we find that when we focus on Jesus, everything works. We experience new joy. Do we make holiness difficult? Can we simply focus on Jesus? Can we look for what Jesus would have us do in every circumstance? Can we trust Jesus to that degree? Being holy means doing what God says, setting ourselves apart for his purposes. If we can focus on his will for us in every choice we make, we follow him and we experience the joy of walking with him in our workplaces.

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