Breakfast with Fred Leadership Institute

During much of his life, Fred Smith, Sr. spoke throughout the country on campuses bringing his leadership principles and wisdom to build up and challenge the next generation.

With this in mind, the BWFLI gathers teams of leading men and women from across the nation to spend two days with students, faculty, and administrators.  One of our distinctives is the fact that the majority of these team members are 65+.  We believe the wisdom shared and the connections made powerfully continue Fred’s work.  These leaders are committed to living out Psalm 71:19.

Therefore, what is BWFLI?  It is an organization committed to bringing men and women with leadership expertise, life experience, and messages of hope to Christian campuses for the purpose of immersing themselves in campus and community life for 30 hours.  The mission is to “stretch and bless the next generation of leaders…to the glory of God.”

  • An intergenerational ministry of connection
  • Thirty hours of principle-centered leadership
  • Stimulating conversations and ongoing connections

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