Rare Leadership by Marcus Warner and James Wilder

This book is not what I expected. The full title of this book is Rare Leadership: 4 Uncommon Habits For Increasing Trust, Joy, and Engagement in the People You Lead by Marcus Warner and James Wilder.

The authors introduce brain science to back up their claim that our brains run on either joy or fear. When we operate on joy, we’re more engaged at a relational level. We have more grace for others and everything seems easier. We’re the kind of leader we would most like to follow.

When we operate on fear, we’re more managerial and task-oriented. We try to organize or even manipulate.

Finally, the authors include several scripture references throughout the text to back up the discoveries they (or others) have made that prove concepts from scripture. Our lives are better when we’re joyful and we experience joy when we trust God. When we focus on our circumstances, we try to manage our lives and we lose the joy.

Check out this book. I’m still reading and will reread and study.

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