Rich and Sad – Luke 18:23

Rich and Sad

We think if we just had more money, we would be happy. Can’t money purchase the things we really want? Why was this rich ruler sad? The passage says he was sad because he “was extremely rich.”

Answer honestly. Do you fear being so very rich and very sad? This man was extremely rich. We talked about humility yesterday. God makes the most important things cost something more than money. Often the joy of following Jesus is only found when we give our resources away. If God has given us much, we’re in a position to give more and experience his joy. But instead, we hang on to the things he gives us and we become sad.

What is God challenging you to give away today? Can you trust him enough to freely give? Remember, Jesus’ call to us sounds silly in worldly terms. But when we trust him and do what he says, we experience his rewards, and he promises those rewards for eternity, too.

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