Shameless Persistence in Faith at Work – Luke 11:5-8

Shameless Persistence in Faith at Work

Shameless Persistence in Faith at Work - Luke 11:5-8 | Follower of One

How easily do you give up? Mike confessed that he tends to give up pretty easily at times. Here, Jesus tells a story that makes a particular point: don’t give up. This person, because of their shameless persistence kept asking. Keep asking. Keep believing. God is working. Things take time. Your asking is part of the process of growing. Our trust matters, too.

Mike talked about a story told in a video he shared recently. The speaker happened to mention the dorm room where he lived when he became a Christ-follower. Most times, he didn’t mention the room and building, but for some reason in this talk he did. Someone came up after the talk and asked that he confirm the room. It turns out that years earlier, this person lived in the dorm room across the hall and their neighbors partied all the time. So this person prayed that God would save the people in that room, both now and in years to come. Years later, this person was in that room, became a Christian, and even years after that, mentioned their conversion in a talk and the person who prayed was in the room!

Do we live like our prayers matter? Never give up. Keep praying for the people in your sphere of influence today. Why not pray for the people who will work for that company in the future, after you’re gone? Mike prayed today for the people who work for several of my former employers. Imagine one day in Heaven, when you get to meet the people who are part of how God answered your prayers.

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