Shameless Persistence in Faith at Work Part 2 – Luke 11:9-10

Shameless Persistence in Faith at Work Part 2

Shameless Persistence in Faith at Work Part 2 - Luke 11:9-10 | Follower of One

Ask and keep asking. Remember each of these terms, ask, seek, knock, have the meaning that we should take the action, and keep taking it. Ask and keep asking. Seek and keep seeking. Knock and keep knocking. Are you tempted to think this is cruel? Why wouldn’t God just do what we ask? Why would we have to keep asking?

Mike talked about 2 reasons. The first is, we think in an instant. Many things take time. It could be that we underestimate the difficulty. And it could be we fail to understand the time it takes for us to be ready.

So, think today about the truth of Jesus’ words. Whatever the reason, don’t give up. Our eternal joy and relationship with Jesus is more valuable than anything on this earth. Invest your time, energy and resources today in the lives of people around you. Your ministry to your coworkers and friends matters. It’s your assignment from God. Don’t give up because you don’t see any rewards. Persist. Keep asking, seeking and knocking to God, not for yourself, but for others. One day we will enjoy the fruit of a life spent chasing God.

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