Small Group Marketplace Mission Trip with Daniel Dolan, Ep #148

Daniel was raised in a Baptist church in a small tight-knit community in West Tulsa. But in March 2022, Daniel realized he wasn’t really following Jesus. He thought he was doing all of the right things. But it felt like a chore. Then he heard a message about surrender. 

When you’re in a Jiu-Jitsu match, the goal is to get your opponent to tap out. As a Christian, you have to tap out to God and say “I can’t do this on my own.” Daniel realized he’d been trying to live like a Christian without surrendering to God. As soon as he chose to go all in and surrendered, God began to produce fruit. 

When he recognized that life wasn’t about him, everything changed. In this episode of Follower of One, Daniel shares his experience when his men’s Bible study started working through the Marketplace Mission Trip workbook. Give it a listen!

Outline of the Episode

  • Learn more about Daniel and why he launched a men’s Bible study [4:11] 
  • Daniel’s experience with the Marketplace Mission Trip workbook [6:02] 
  • Daniel’s advice for anyone working through the six-week course [13:17]

Why Daniel launched a men’s Bible study

Daniel launched a Bible study on Sunday mornings at 6 am and invited everyone he knew. It started with 6–8 guys talking about life, Jesus, and just building relationships. They’d end the study by playing some basketball or Pickleball. Now, the group has around 15 guys attending. Daniel believes it is something God has given him as an opportunity to help move guys one notch closer to Jesus.

Daniel’s experience with the Marketplace Mission Trip Workbook

Daniel and his men’s group decided to work through the Marketplace Mission Trip workbook. He points out that it can help you get out of a spiritual funk. It can help you proactively apply the act of discipleship in your life. After all, Jesus called everyone to disciple others.

It’s been Daniel’s greatest spiritual awakening. There’s no better feeling than bringing others into a deeper relationship with Jesus. The workbook helped him view prayer as open communication with God. It helped him realize the Holy Spirit is with him at all times. Any time you face a difficulty or trial, you can turn it into dependence on God. 

But you have to be diligent through the six-week process. You have to work through the book, read the action steps, and apply them to your lives. The men in Daniel’s group who finished the book learned the power of being intentional. You have to take your life and steward it well. Your life is a gift. He emphasizes that the workbook will help you become a more intentional Christ-follower.

Practically applying the Marketplace Mission Trip to your life

The action steps and challenges helped Daniel think outside the box. Everyone’s workplace is different. When Daniel was trying to brainstorm ways to appreciate others, he followed the steps in the workbook. He asked God to show him what to do. God placed it on his heart to ask his students what teacher impacted them the most. He wrote down their answer(s) and sent an email to that teacher with what they said. It uplifted his fellow teachers. 

Going out of your way to do something kind with your money isn’t something Daniel grew up doing. But he’s recognized that God has given him everything. If he can use what he’s been given to bring joy to someone else, it’s far better than keeping it for himself. It could be buying someone lunch, leaving a big tip, or purchasing donuts for the faculty. Every time he was generous, it spread joy. 

Being prepared to give an answer for the hope that you have

Daniel’s favorite part of the workbook was the challenge to know what you believe. Why not be intentional with everything you do in your life, so someone will ask you why you follow Jesus? Pondering the question deepened Daniel’s relationship with God. He wrote out his answer and is prepared if anyone asks. The Marketplace Mission Trip Workbook can help you take more actionable steps in discipling others and sharing the hope that you have. 


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