Special Class of People – 2 Corinthians 5:14-16

Special Class of People

We only follow One. In our previous 2 episodes we’ve spoken about authority. We need to respect those in authority and we need to honor them. This means people who are our bosses, or customers or the political or religious leaders God appoints over us. Check out episodes 252 and 253 for more on those topics. But here Paul also reminds us that we don’t recognize anyone as being better or worse than anyone else. When I read this in contemporary translations, it makes a bit more sense. I read the New Living Translation. Judging people by who they look like or even what they do just doesn’t fit the life of a Christ-follower. We regard One, Jesus. Everyone else we respect and value them because Jesus died for them. Not because of who they are or what they own, or the color of their skin.

Today, let’s follow Jesus and treat everyone else like they are who he says they are. They are people for whom he also died. We’re all in the same class. Give respect to all and treat them with dignity and value. Ask God to show you where you fall short in this area. We still vote. We still make choices. We still have a duty as citizens, but our responsibility as followers of Jesus takes precedence. Let’s live accordingly.

We’ve also joined a group called the Faith at Work Prayer Network. This is a private group on Facebook or LinkedIn for people who pray for Christians in the marketplace. We hope to reflect Jesus to our world without judging it. And we have a monthly prayer call to meet others around the globe as we pray for each other. Click here to register for the monthly call.

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