Special Classes and Treatment – 2 Corinthians 5:17

Special Classes and Treatment

Yesterday, we spoke about how we follow only one person, Jesus. We don’t acknowledge or honor people based on their status, or their wealth. Today, however, we see that all of the classes and groups, the things we would recognize, or award or treat as special, and those that are less so, are all put away when we come to Jesus. Jesus makes us new creatures. If we were someone that others look down on, or if we were someone others look up to, in Jesus, all is new.

Where do you recognize people as special? For me, I look up to people who appear successful. People who do the work and exert the effort, even if they’re not all that successful, I appreciate them and look up to them. And I am tempted to look down to people who appear to not try.

But when Jesus saved me, he began changing all of that. My old self is gone. I also need to put away all of my old prejudices and my old tendencies. But old habits die hard. I hope I recognize only Jesus, and I respect and honor others because of what the Bible tells me to do. May I recognize no one according to the flesh, but realize that in Christ I’m new, and new things have come as it says in this verse. Let’s talk about what we do because of this in our next episode.

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