Stretch Out Your Hand – Learning to Obey Jesus

“Stretch out your hand.” Luke 6:10

Obey Jesus

When we obey Jesus, we see him work. Sometimes we have to wait. Other times we see him quickly. But we almost never see him if we ignore him.

What did you do yesterday simply because you believe Jesus? What about tomorrow?

If you can’t think of anything, you’re probably not listening to Jesus as well as you think.

Obedience is Joy

Jesus doesn’t give us many days off. I remember asking God to give me a day off when I first started following him. Following Jesus seemed like work. Following Jesus requires muscle memory. At the time, I had 30 years as a self-follower. I thought I was smart and could do things on my own. I thought my own strategy for life would win out. But at age 30, Jesus gave me an opportunity to trust him and I took it.

Learning to Trust

Still, it has taken as many years for me to trust that joy comes when I obey Jesus and follow him. When I follow his instruction, I see him work. Sometimes that instruction comes to my mind. It lines up with scripture and it doesn’t harm others. At other times, his instruction comes to me when I’m reading the bible. Or I’ll get an idea while talking with someone. The more I listen for Jesus, the more I hear him.

When we do what Jesus says, we experience the joy of walking with him and of seeing him work. When I equate obeying Jesus to work, I’m listening to a lie. Obeying Jesus isn’t work, it’s joy and peace.

How does Jesus want you to obey him today at work? Do it. Let’s do what he says begin to build the muscle memory. Obeying Jesus brings great joy, peace and purpose. But like anything else, we get better with practice.

Join Us

Check out our next Marketplace Mission Trip and see what joy you will find when you decide to obey Jesus in your everyday life at work. Also, join us over on our Community of workplace Christians.

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