Now I See – Jesus Healed

John chapter 9 is one continuous story of an encounter Jesus had with a man who was born blind. Jesus healed the man, but the way he did cause a ruckus in the Jewish world of that day.

Jesus Healed

Jesus healed the man on the Jewish holy day, the sabbath. The sabbath is Saturday and Jews dedicate it to God. God commanded his people to avoid physical labor on that day. They were to trust God. But Jesus spits in the dirt to make mud for the man’s eyes. Then he told the man to wash in the pool of Siloam to be healed. The man washed and came back seeing.

“So he went and washed and came back seeing.”

John 8:7b NASB

They Began to Question

In the eyes of the Jewish leaders, Jesus violated the Jewish man-made version of the law for the sabbath. Also, since the man had to walk some distance, Jesus had already left when the Jewish leaders discovered the healing. So they began to question the man.

If you read the whole chapter, this inquisition is almost comical, but for these Jewish people, this was scandalous. The leaders even questioned the man’s parents, and they were careful about their response so they didn’t get kicked out of the synagogue (vs. 22). 

He answered, “Whether he is a sinner I do not know. One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see.”

John 8:25 NASB

The man’s faith progresses. At first, he says Jesus was a prophet (vs. 17). But the key statement for me is in verse 25. “One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see.”

But He Knew

We are free to live a life that makes Jesus visible. And when asked, we can answer in a manner based on our own experience. These people tried to dispute the formerly blind man’s experience. But he knew one thing: he was blind, and now he’s not blind anymore.

Go Out On a Limb

What change has Jesus made in your life? If something recent doesn’t jump to mind, ask God to show you. Or get out on a limb where you can see Jesus work. Take a Marketplace Mission Trip. Pray for your coworkers and customers and do whatever idea God puts in your mind. Don’t talk about it or think about it or try to find the exact best time to do it. Now is the time. Do what God says, like this blind man who had to get through town to go wash the mud off of his eyes. Do whatever you need to do to get where you can see Jesus. 

Would you share something below that Jesus has done for you lately? Speak up so we can all celebrate how God is actively at work in our lives every day. 

Image by: Ahmadmahmood from Getty Images Pro

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