Take a Mission Trip to Your Workplace

Have you ever been on a mission trip? Years ago, I went on a couple of mission trips to prisons. But I’ve never traveled overseas on a mission trip. So I asked a friend about the characteristics of a mission trip.

Training and Preparation

Often, the trips include some type of training. Typically, members of the team are trained to present the Christian faith using certain terms or resources. My prison trips used a small pamphlet to train participants. Pamphlets and memorized “pitches” have fallen out of favor. No one wants to be “sold” something. But, still, people on a mission trip need to understand how to explain their faith to people they come into contact with.

Work To Do

Then, when they go on this trip, there may be a job they perform. It could be a community service, cleaning up an area of town or building a church or renovating some property. The people come for a particular purpose in addition to sharing about faith in Jesus.


Each day, people on the mission trip pray for one another, and for the people they will meet. Then, they serve other people according to what Jesus did (see Mark 10:45). Ideally, they will perform their work as well as possible, and pay attention to, serve, and love others. Love simply means to actively work for the good of the people they meet.


At the end of each day, there is a debrief session where team members talk about the issues they faced and pray for one another. Often they celebrate what they saw God do as they served both him and the people they are with.

Our Idea

What if we treated our workplace like a mission field? Each day, we go to work, prepared to explain why we follow Jesus. We do our job, whatever it is, as well as humanly possible. And we pray for, serve and love the people we meet, whether they’re customers, vendors, or coworkers.

Our Plan

October 1 through October 5, we’re going to have a Marketplace Mission Trip for this very purpose. To learn more about it or take part in this “trip,” click here. There are 4 brief training sessions using the first chapters of God Space: Where Spiritual Conversations Happen Naturally by Doug Pollock. You can take those in the Courses area of the community. And we have a sub-group and chat area for discussions among participants. Each evening we will host a conference call at 8 PM ET to celebrate God’s work and pray for one another.

So, do you want your daily life to count for eternity? Take part in a Marketplace Mission Trip this fall and let’s see God make a difference in the lives of our friends.

Photo by Nicole Harrington on Unsplash

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