Daily Ideas for Marketplace Missionaries

Will you join us on the Marketplace Mission Trip? October 1 – 5, 2018, we will assume the role of a missionary assigned to our employer. Even if we’re self employed, or a student, a remote worker or a CEO, we can take a mission trip to our workplace.

But just exactly what does that mean?

Each day, we will pray for our coworkers, customers, and whoever we will meet. Ask God to give you ideas to help and bless others. Blessing another person simply means doing whatever is in their best interests. Can you chip in and help them with a task? Would you express genuine interest in them and their success, without any “strings” attached?

Please resist the temptation to do things that go against scripture. For example, don’t lie for someone. Find a way to make them successful. Help them succeed. Encourage them. Thank them. Find ways to do things for them.

Why not purchase a few $10 Starbucks gift cards and some blank thank you cards. Then think of a genuine action you’re thankful for and write a note. Put the gift card in the note and deliver it to your coworker. Again, no “strings” attached.

Here’s another idea. What if you don’t tell them you did it because you’re a Christian? Don’t give them a reason at all. Let them ask. If God prompts you to say something, do so, but don’t feel obligated. And please don’t invite them to church or offer to pray for them, unless they ask. You can pray for them without them ever knowing. And you can simply bless others without an agenda. God will use your service when you don’t have any other agenda. Wait and see.

Please do this on your time. Don’t go get the Starbucks gift cards or write the notes to your coworkers on your employer’s time. Invest your personal time and money in others. (See Matthew 6:1-4) You’re obligated to serve your employer and do the work they require for the full amount of time expected (Colossians 3:23-24). Go beyond what they require. And then do the extra work to bless your colleagues on your own time.

Finally, join us for the Marketplace Mission Trip October 1st through the 5th of 2018. Click here to learn more and sign up. And please share your thoughts either below in the comments or in the Community. What other ideas have you used to bless people in your work? Thank you for your service as a full-time minister and follower of Jesus.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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