Being an Unoffendable Marketplace Minister

By Tacoi Bell

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In The Bait of Satan, renowned author John Bevere lists offense as the number one trap the enemy uses to ensnare believers. There is definitely merit in that belief: Followers of Christ have to deal with assaults to our character, our walk with Jesus, and even our belief in him. But how we choose to deal with these offenses is what allows the love of God to manifest in our lives.

This is especially true in the marketplace. Christian business owners and employees are constantly surrounded by those who have not yet accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. In our attempt to show unbelievers the greatest love ever known, we are bruised and mishandled. And if we believe that God is too slow to react on our behalf, we can become embittered with both the offenders and God. Therefore, we must make the pledge to be an unoffendable marketplace minister, no matter what.

It’s Not Really About Us

If we are going to commit ourselves to allowing God’s glory to shine through us then we have to remember that the offensive behavior of others is not really about us. That isn’t to say that we  never offend other people (because even as Christians we do), but when we can say honestly that we’ve tried our best not to wound others, offenses against us do not change our lens of view about others, ourselves, or our view of God. We are able to maintain the proper image and a level of objectivity about the situation. It also helps us to see through to the heart of a matter.  

In the workplace, this looks like keeping our composure when we hear that someone we considered a friend spread a nasty rumor about us. Seeing through to the heart of the matter causes us to consider all of the possibilities, which continually frame the person in a positive light. Perhaps our work friend didn’t say the things they’re being accused of. Perhaps they did, but it was taken out of context. Perhaps everything they said is true, and they’re upset because we’re up for a promotion. Staying above the slander, even when it comes from someone we’re close to, is an admirable, Christlike trait that allows God to be seen.

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Maintaining a Proper God Image

It can be difficult to remain impartial and Christlike when it seems as if God is turning a blind eye to our suffering. 

Lord, I’m doing a good work for you. Every day, I show your love to those that don’t know you yet, but they treat me terribly. Why won’t you act? Aren’t you God?

Sadly, we all succumb to our fallen nature — our flesh — at one time or another. Even those of us who profess Christ daily. The reality is people will hurt us and we will hurt other people. However, this cannot affect our God image. 

Our God image is how we see God. I’ve heard it said that our relationships on Earth, particularly those with our fathers and people in positions of authority (like a boss, for example), impact how we view God. As marketplace ministers, how we perceive God changes how we perceive the spiritual work that we do at work, and the same goes for how we see our clients, coworkers, and bosses.

Staying On Assignment as a Marketplace Minister

Let’s remember Galatians 6:9, which reads

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. (ESV)

If God is calling us to be a beacon of hope in our business or at our workplace, we must try our best to stay the course. There may be someone that you see everyday that has lost all hope. They’re looking for a reason to keep going. God is saying, you carry their answer. Show them me. It’s truly special if God is asking you to hold the hand of a person who has not been kind to you or that has scoffed at your faith.  An effective marketplace minister is able to continue sharing the good news despite their personal feelings. Because for the other person, their eternity is tied to your obedience. 

Offense is inescapable, but how we handle it is critical. Will we continue to stand for God, fighting the good fight of faith, or will we allow it to render us ineffective? Let’s dedicate ourselves to being God’s image bearers, blessing those who curse us and praying for those who abuse us (Luke 6:28). 

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