The Failure to Act – James 4:17

The Failure to Act

If we know the right thing to do, and then we don’t do it, we fall short. Sin is falling short, or missing the mark. Our sin nature is based in our own desire to be god, with a little “g”. We want to call our own shots. But God speaks to us all the time. When we know the right thing to do, and we do it, we join him. We cooperate with him. And we help others see him.

Like so many things with God, we can’t live in neutral. When we know and act, we join God. When we know and don’t act, we rebel against him. Mike talks about how he used to whine to God when bad things happened. He knew God was conforming Mike to the image of Christ, (Romans 8:29), Mike would get angry at the frustrating things happening in his life and ask God to give him some time off. When things are difficult in your life, are you ever tempted to ask a question like that? “Why are you doing this God? Would you just leave me alone today?”

When we know the right thing to do – ask forgiveness, make amends for a mistake, give more than is expected of us, love someone the way we want to be loved – and we fail to do it, we miss God’s mark for us. Today, when God gives you an idea, will you act? Will you say “Yes, God!” or will you rationalize. Every time we act, we draw nearer to God. And every time we fail to act, we get farther away. Let’s be those who act today. Every time we obey Jesus, he draws us closer to himself and he grows us a little more.

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