The Impact of Effective Prayer – James 5:16

The Impact of Effective Prayer

Prayer is not a way to get God to do what we want. Prayer is the way he transforms us. He will guide us and use us in the lives of others, and we will experience his joy when we pray. We pray for others so we can be a part of God’s magnificent work. And we see him work when we pray, too.

On the Marketplace Mission Trip, our day 1 activity is to pray. Practice the 3 daily prayers we discuss. The first is “Here I am, Lord. Please put me to work.” This is how we tell him we want to be used in his kingdom. Our second prayer is a prayer of thanks. When we can be grateful no matter what, we make Jesus visible. And the 3rd prayer is a request for God to bless our coworkers, customers and vendors or anyone we will meet with today. God will work in their lives, and through our prayers, we get to take part.

This is day 1 of our 2-week Marketplace Mission Trip. If you’re not signed up, you can still go through the exercises by following the podcast. Our goal is to help you become a full-time minister of Jesus, right where you work. To learn more and sign up for the next Mission Trip, go to

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