The Key to Internal Peace – Philippians 4:6

The Key to Internal Peace

Do you experience anxiety? As I’ve studied thankfulness and the practice of giving thanks of the last few days, I’ve noticed my own anxiety and fear more. Philippians 4:6 explains the relationship. When I ask God for things, I don’t necessarily receive peace. In fact, my anxiety may even increase as I wait on God. It is only when I add the key ingredient, thanksgiving, that I receive his peace.

The antidote for anxiety is to experience everything through talking to God, asking God for his answer, and also thanking him. Why thanksgiving? Because we need to remind ourselves He is in control. Giving thanks even for difficult things puts us back in the space where we trust God and rest in him. God’s peace shows up when we add thanksgiving to our prayers and requests.

Today, let’s focus on this key ingredient. What can you thank God for today, even though it may seem difficult? Is it a work complication or a health complication? Find a way to express your thankfulness and gratitude to God even as you pray that he would solve your dilemma. And let his peace fill you, and make him visible through you into the lives of others.

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