The Purpose of Follower of One

Follower of One comes from my conviction that Jesus-followers could make more of a difference. I believe Jesus has a job for each and every one of us and our position, experiences, wealth, nationality or anything else isn’t a factor. Even a cup of cold water will be rewarded (Matt 10:42).

I hope followers of Jesus are intentional. We live in an hostile environment. We have an enemy. He rules over his servants, the world, and our own flesh; the very things that resist us and distract us from following Jesus. If we fail to understand this epic struggle, we miss our opportunity to take part. We do whatever we can to join the battle as a follower of Jesus daily. This life is our opportunity to take part in Jesus’ plan to save our family, friends, coworkers, customers, and neighbors.

I hope followers of Jesus are purposeful. I hope we know we are created beings and our design suggests our purpose. Our eternal job is to follow Jesus and make him known. We know God has a purpose for us and we work to align our energy and our actions with his purpose. We want to fulfill his purpose for us during out time in this world. I hope followers of Jesus are hopeful. Hope exists in the future, and we look toward the future. We focus on the next choice or decision, rather than on past choices or decisions. We don’t bemoan our situation or the choices and actions that created our situation, but we search for and do the most Godly thing we can do in every circumstance. We know God’s promises and we live expectantly.

I hope followers of Jesus are graceful. I hope we hold our possessions loosely and freely give what we have, money, possessions, time, and energy to make Jesus known. I hope we see Jesus work over and over exactly like he did when he fed 5000 people with one person’s 5 loaves and 2 fish all those years ago. We forgive. We know our circumstances are within God’s control and we trust him to bring others to himself and make things right. I hope we see Jesus working everywhere and we simply notice what he’s doing and join him in it.

I hope followers of Jesus are effective. I hope we’re a community of people who help everyone we meet and everyone we know move one notch closer to God. We trust Jesus to accomplish his plan. We don’t need to judge the results we can see, but we judge our actions making sure we did what we could and trusting God for the outcome.

Therefore, I envision a community of people who pray for their coworkers, customers, vendors, friends and anyone in their sphere of influence. We believe it’s our job as a Jesus-follower to invest the time and energy to ask God to bless those in our personal community.

I envision a community of people who can explain their belief in Jesus. We think about and talk about our beliefs in the first-person and talk openly about our understanding, transformation, and shortcomings in a way that God uses to bring others to himself.

I envision a community of people who serve others, who make grace real. We give our time and resources because we know we have nothing to lose. Jesus paid for us and our worth is set outside of the world. We live in the world but we understand Jesus has overcome it (John 16:33). We submit to God and those in authority over us to make God known. We work to put ourselves in a position to be helpful. We aren’t perfect but we strive to give our lives away in order to lay up treasure in heaven.

I envision a community of people who speak up. When asked, we’re able to explain the hope that is in us without giving offense. We articulate our experiences and beliefs in the first person, so that others are free to choose to agree or disagree without judgment.

Follower of One was created to connect, energize, equip, and encourage Jesus-followers take the time to make an eternal difference. Please feel free to make yourself known in this community. I’m excited to see what God will do with your life.

Photo by Quentin Leclercq on Unsplash

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