Trees and Fruit – Luke 6:43-45

Trees and Fruit

Trees and Fruit - Luke 6:43-45 | Follower of One

Have you ever heard that we are what we repeatedly do? Jesus points out how we produce fruit based on what is inside us. Our character determines our output.

Is Jesus saying we can never change? Certainly not. In many other places, Jesus tells us the Holy Spirit living in us changes us. We come alive from the dead when we trust Jesus. And as we cooperate with the Spirit, he transforms us.

This comparison is for a point: the source determines the output. When we have a good source, out character and the Holy Spirit in us, our fruit will be good. It will point others to Jesus.

Today, let’s practice our 1st daily activity and Pray. Ask God to use you in the lives of others. He will. We know he will. Sometimes, he uses us as software developers, or machinists, or teachers. Sometimes he calls us outside of our job description. Let’s follow Jesus wherever he leads us knowing that we will produce good fruit when we’re focused on him.

Often, this takes practice. In 2 weeks, we begin our 14th Marketplace Mission Trip, a 2-week exercise to practice listening to and following Jesus at work, or whatever we do every day. Why not check it out and sign up at

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