Tribe with no Name

What do you call a Christian who knows they’re going to heaven when they die? What do you call them if they are part of the subgroup that can explain their beliefs to someone else? What do you call the subset who hope their family and friends also come to know and follow Jesus first-hand?

And what do you call the subset who aim their lives to be about Jesus’ story and what He did for others? These people want to live a life that meets new people, becomes friends, builds trust and serves others so they might also come to know Jesus and grow closer to Him. They want to live a life that challenges others to also learn about Jesus. What do you call those people?

Rather than simply getting saved and then staying out of trouble, these people work on their own life and use their time and resources for the benefit of others. They have everyday jobs, and live a regular life. But their energy and their passion point toward helping others so those others might know Jesus.

Those are the people I want to know and hang out with. I’m not talking about perfect people. I’m not perfect, and I have struggled. My failures are painful to recall and too many to count. Many attempts ended badly, but I learned as I went. But for both myself and this tribe, we keep trying. We know our future will look a lot like the people I hang around with. I want to find and run with a tribe of people who live their lives chasing Jesus.

So, in your experience, does this tribe have a name? Do you know people or are you someone who wants to live each day in Jesus presence, making a difference in the lives of your friends and the people you know? What name do you have for people like this? The name “Christian” should do it, but any more, many groups of people claim that title. Any suggestions?

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