Trust, Respect, and the Golden Rule – Matthew 7:12

Trust, Respect, and the Golden Rule

Jesus summarizes all of the law in this one verse. We should do for others what we would have them do for us. What kind of employee would you like to have? Then be that person. What kind of boss would you like to have? Again, do what you would want that boss to do. How about your customer? Would you like a big tip? Be a big tipper. Would you like transparent government? Live transparently.

Imagine you’re a government leader right now during the Coronavirus pandemic. How would you want people to behave? Would you want others reminding you constantly about their rights? Or would you appreciate some trust, and some respect?

Imagine the thing you would want the most. We want to be appreciated, trusted, respected. Immediately we’re all challenged as Christ-followers, to be people who do to others, what we would have done to us. Think about that today!

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