Driving in the Fog – Hebrews 4:13

Driving in the Fog

For the last several months we’ve been battling Coronavirus. It has caused job uncertainty and may other types of challenges. The way we do everything is uncertain anymore. Do we wear a mask? Do we shake hands? I just traveled by airplane and I was much less certain than I have been flying in a long time.

So I decided to look for passages of scripture that help us trust God. Yesterday, we talked about giving trust to others. Do we trust God? Really? Where do you disobey him or tell him “No?” That’s a point where your trust is weak. If he knows everything about us, as this passage says, can we trust him or not? And what difference does that make in our work? Can we trust him with our career? What about our reputation?

Today, invest in someone else. Be extravagant. Look for ways to serve others, but promise yourself in advance that you won’t say “no.” Then, when God challenges you to move, do it. Tomorrow, we’ll talk about how to know what to try.

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