Understanding our Time and God’s Plan with Warren Lehr, Ep. 34

Understanding our Time and God’s Plan

In this week’s episode of the Follower of One Podcast, Mike speaks with Warren Lehr. Warren is the City Manager for Owasso, OK with over 15 years in the Golf Industry and the Chairman of the Board for Follower of One! Please give a warm welcome to Warren.

Episode Breakdown

  • 00:55 – Meet Warren Lehr
  • 2:05 – How Warren Came to Christ
  • 5:05 – Warren Comes Back to Oklahoma
  • 12:00 – Faith at Work
  • 15:20 – Warren’s Perspective on Follower of One
  • 22:50 – Fulfillment in Work
  • 39:45 – How to Get in Touch with Warren


We all have the same amount of time in a 7-day span as everyone in the world. What do you do with your 168 hours each week? Warren breaks down the amount of time every person uses for sleeping, personal hygiene, pleasure, and work. He talks about how the unique advantages of the Marketplace Mission Trip align with our daily lives without asking for more time away from your current focal points (Job, Family, etc.). There is about 100 hours each week that we save for work and personal pleasure. What can we do with those 100 hours? Time is always of the essence but it is easy to forget what we are capable of accomplishing when we have set goals without ambiguity. Time is important so we urge each of our listeners to understand that you can do more if you so choose! 

God’s Plan

This is a common theme for us here at Follower of One. God’s plan is something we all struggle with throughout our lives. What is his plan for us? What makes us different? Am I on the right path? Warren talks about how God’s plan is not always as visible as it seems when we are right in the middle of the work. Yet, if we look backward it becomes more and more clear. Are you trusting God to work through you in your lives? Maybe you were meant to be right where you are now. Maybe you are meant to take that leap into a different space even though you are scared. God’s plan is all about trusting him to lead you down the right path. How do you feel about your current life plan? Let us know in the comments, Mighty Networks, and on social media! We look forward to having deeper discussions with you! 

Connect with Warren

Warren’s LinkedIn

City of Owasso Website

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