Vision for Follower of One Part 2

Have you noticed that everything God makes is unique? Leaves, sunsets, people, animals… I can’t think of anything God makes that is an exact copy.

We, on the other hand, try to make everything the same. We work to manufacture things within .01% of a standard. We want the lowest deviation in the things we create. Variation is error in our mind. We want every Big Mac and every Barbie to meet certain standards. If the variations are outside of tolerance we tear it down and start over.

We even try to make exact copies of our variations. We have the good, better, and best models and the platinum, gold, and bronze levels, or the basic, pro, and enterprise versions of the things we create.

One of a kind things are very rare, very expensive. A one of a kind dress or car or house costs much more than an off-the-rack dress, or a mass-market car, or a spec house. Even our paintings and works of art get mass copied. The unique, original, is very expensive, so many of us simply get copies to hang on our walls or use as screensavers on our computers.

For decades, church has pretty much been the same. We have some songs, some teaching and some prayer. Some of us meet in smaller groups to foster more interaction every week or two. We have a number of variations in teaching and music styles, but most of us experience Christianity thorough a building with a paid staff on a weekend service for a couple of hours. Most of us wouldn’t say it straight out, but Christianity looks like something done from a stage, or something done in groups where a few people are telling others what God says and what we “should” do.

Outside of a church building, most of the world isn’t very interested in what God says or what others think we “should” do. This is why we’ve seen increasing tension in the recent past when we try to replicate Christianity in our workplaces and our communities. If people were open to being told what God says, they can certainly tune in and listen. Anyone who really wants to know, can get up any Sunday and go in one of those buildings with all the cars outside. So when we try to bring church out of either the “social charity” or “worship service” box, the world tries to shut us down quickly. Most people are not interested in being taught what God wants, and they’re not interested in being told they’re wrong. When we think about it, neither are we.

Jesus knew this. Ephesians 2:10 says we are created in Christ for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we would walk in them. You were created for a specific time and place. God put you there at this time so that you would do certain good works that God wants done. Your good works won’t necessarily look exactly like mine. Your situation won’t be the same either.

Follower of One is an effort to mobilize unique and customized ministry in the world. Each person saved by Jesus has a unique relationship to him and a unique job to do in a unique place and context. My background, experience, career, location and my makeup all affect how I make God known. If I start a bible study at work, that may help a few people, but I believe Jesus is calling us to more – not more effort, but different things. If Jesus wants you to start a bible study at work, great! But what if you have zero interest in another bible study and no Christian coworkers. Then what do you do?

Follower of One is the place where we share those ideas and enlist others to pray for us and help us. We connect with people from our profession all over the world and think together about how we might minister as an accountant, customer service rep, manager, sales person, or truck driver. In the discussion forums on the site, we talk about how to best respond to situations at work, good and bad. How should we treat our coworkers, or our direct reports What can we do when we’re demoted or when a coworker spouse asks for a divorce or when a team member’s performance is suffering?

Follower of One is a place where Jesus-followers can help one another minister, or serve, the people we come in contact with every day. Want more of your life to count for eternity? Join the community and take part in the conversations. Share a prayer request and pray for others. Invite your friends, too. Let’s help one another impact our individual spheres of influence for eternity.

Photo by Boudewijn Huysmans on Unsplash

This is the second in a series of posts on our vision for Follower of One. Check out Part 1 here. Also, contact us if you have questions or check out the community.

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