Worthy of Respect – 1 Timothy 6:1

Worthy of Respect

Serving our Bosses – Do you check your attitude toward your boss? Or if you’re a business owner or a sales person, how about your attitude toward your customers? It can be tempting to develop a negative attitude toward those in authority over us. In one way it’s easy to be negative toward others, especially those who force us to conform to something like work goals or objectives. And our negativity becomes a problem. It affects our witness. When we can honor and respect those in authority over us, we glorify Jesus. Whenever our behavior is outside what others might normally do, simply because we believe in Jesus, we make Jesus visible.

In verse 2, he goes on to talk about those who have Christians for bosses. We don’t need to take them for granted, either. We still need to show them respect and honor, too. It matters how we act. We’re reminded that giving respect is a choice. As Jesus followers, when we give respect, to believers or non-believers in authority over us, our actions become a tool Jesus can use in the lives of others.

Is your life filled with joy? Jesus promises joy to us. We simply need to follow and trust him. How are you doing in that regard? If you’d like to join a community of believers who follow Jesus and help one another, check out the online community for Follower of One. Go to community.followerofone.org to find out more and join up. You will get the opportunity to meet with other marketplace Christ-followers and we’re all working to experience the joy of being a full-time minister in our current line of work.

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