4 Reasons Why No One Asks

We wrote a post titled Everyone Who Asks based on 1 Peter 3:15. Others will question when we serve others because we follow Jesus. Peter tells us to wait until people see our hope and then ask. So why would no one ask at times?

Why No One Asks

But most people won’t ask. They don’t want to know. People who don’t follow Jesus may not want to know. As Christians, our everyday activities won’t often include making a defense because no one will ask. 

Over time though, others will see the hope in you. If they desire that hope, or if they value the peace you seem to display, they’ll ask. However, after months serving others because you obey Jesus, if no one asks, maybe we need God to show us our weakness. I thought of 4 reasons no one asks.

Some service is unwanted

In some work environments, if you help someone, they may think you are pointing out a weakness. Or you may not help them in a way they appreciate. If you help by doing work the other person enjoys, you may make their job harder. And some people just want to do things their own way in their own time. They may feel judged or criticized when you help if you’re not careful. We may alienate the people we hoped to help.

Showing Off

Be careful to avoid the spotlight. Without thinking, we may do something so others will see us doing it. Do you talk with a 3rd party about the help you gave someone else? Do you seem to remember everything you ever did? These things send the message that our service isn’t about them or Jesus, it’s about ourselves.


Do you have a habit or a practice that gets in between you and God? If you harbor a secret sin, or if you’re a gossip or a tell-all, God may prompt no one to ask you. He may keep you on the eternal sidelines for your own protection. Don’t be two-faced. Get rid of the sin in your life. Turn to God first and see if people ask. If so, you’ll know it was that sin that kept you on the bench.

Poor Job Performance

People will not ask about the hope in you if your job performance is sub-par. Do more than a good job. Your poor job performance will keep others from listening to your words.

Most people want to talk about spiritual things if they think they won’t get drawn into an argument. We don’t want to look like we don’t know but we would like a hopeful, sincere, non-judgmental guide. Others will ask when they feel safe from being judged or thought ignorant. Can you think of any other reasons we ride the bench? Share your thoughts below.

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

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