Banking On Jesus – Mark 5:28

Banking On Jesus

Banking On Jesus - Mark 5:28 | Follower of One

She thought she would be healed if she touched his garments. Do you think God speaks to us? Have you ever considered that God gave her that idea? The Bible doesn’t say. But here, she clearly thought it. And she was right. She had nothing to lose. In a moment, she chose to bank on Jesus.

We’ve been talking about moments. One moment makes a difference. These special moments are like rare pennies. When was the last time you looked at a penny? Some are worth great sums of money. But we don’t look at them any more because if they’re not worth much, they’re worth very little.

Moments are different. The special ones happen all the time. But we miss them. The more diligent we are at searching for special moments, the easier they are to find. This lady was lost. She had no other options. So she took a chance. What about you today? In 2 days we celebrate the arrival of our savior. The Jews waited on him for centuries.

Will you look for Jesus today? We don’t have to wait for hundreds of years. We often can see Jesus frequently if we’ll only look. Keep praying for your coworkers and keep punching in. Jesus will put you to work, and you will enjoy seeing him in the lives of those around you. Don’t give up.

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