Say Yes to God – Luke 1:38

Say Yes to God

Say Yes to God - Luke 1:38 | Follower of One

Mary said “Here I am” to God. Beginning at verse 34, we hear how Mary interacts with the angel. In the end, she said, “I’m the servant here. May it be done to me according to your word.”

Here’s a moment. Notice how Mary responds. Her humility is encouraging and humbling. Her first question is, “How can this be?” She doesn’t doubt, but she humbly asks. In one moment, her life changes and soon the world will change. I read this and her psalm at the end of the chapter and I’m blown away. I’m grateful that God is patient with me. And I’m grateful that he gives me other chances. And sadly, I wonder what I’ve missed.

Living our faith means we intentionally invite Jesus into every moment, even, and especially, when he surprises us. It takes practice. How will you respond? As we celebrate Mary’s actions and the outcome of this series of events, can we also celebrate and rededicate ourselves to invite Jesus into every moment? Start by punching in. Put yourself on his clock and give yourself an evaluation a few times every day.

And thank you for being a marketplace minister. Why not tell a few friends about this podcast and community. Let’s spend more of our moments saying Yes to Jesus.

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