One Moment – Ephesians 4:29

One Moment

One Moment - Ephesians 4:29 | Follower of One

Paul cautions us to be careful about every word to make sure it fits the moment. Every day we live through hundreds or even thousands of moments. “How are you?” “When will that project be completed?” “Your service is terrible!”

Many moments come in interactions with others. For some moments, we see them coming. Think of a performance review, or a job interview. Others happen without warning. Many of these are water cooler conversations. One friend said that a conversation about a band saw turned into a spiritual conversation.

We talk about being prepared when others ask us about the hope we have. Jesus can use any, one, moment. With only seconds of warning, we may have a chance to do something or say something that could matter forever. It could and it does matter forever. How many of those eternal opportunities have you missed? More importantly, how many more will you miss going forward?

We talk about integrating our faith and work. It boils down to a single question, answered every moment of your day. “Will I spend this moment with Jesus?” Will you?

When we pray for our coworkers we train our brain. We set an expectation to see God. And when we do, our perspective changes. But another thing happens. Jesus wants to answer this prayer. He wants to put you to work. He has input for you in EVERY moment if you will ask. Will you ask today?

One moment may be all you get. But one moment can mean the difference between life and death for a coworker or a friend.

One moment the world changed. We celebrate that moment this Friday. Take some time and thank God for how he calls you and uses you. And ask him to use you more in the coming weeks and months in the lives of those you see every day.

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