Who God Chooses – John 4:7

Who God Chooses

Who God Chooses - John 4:7 | Follower of One

A woman of Samaria came to draw water. In one regard, you could say Jesus made a special trip to meet this woman. He was heading from Northern Israel to Southern Israel. Most Jews went around Samaria, but not Jesus. Most Jews would have hurried through, but we end up learning in vs. 40 that he stayed 2 days.

Jesus chooses who he chooses. The person we work with may be chosen of God. The irate customer, or someone we don’t agree with may be hand-chosen by Jesus. Jesus doesn’t tend to choose the mighty or noble as we learn from 1 Corinthians 1:26-31. Jesus tends to choose those who aren’t mighty, noble or wise.

One person is all it takes. We’ve been talking about “ones.” In one prayer, one moment, one person can be used by God to make one huge difference. God works in ones. He is one, and one at a time, he is calling a people of his own.

To be in the group, we probably need to plan on looking a little different or being a little different. Jesus selects those that are not. We’ll talk tomorrow about the first people he told about Jesus arriving. One person, one prayer, one moment. Your actions matter. Do you think you’re nothing special? That’s exactly the person Jesus is looking for. He puts us not-so-special people to work all the time.

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