The Moment and Our Response – Luke 2:15

The Moment and Our Response

The Moment and Our Response - Luke 2:15 | Follower of One

The day Jesus was born was just another day at the office. Some shepherds were spending another night isolated. They were isolated because the sheep didn’t smell very good and neither did they. Out in a field, all by themselves.

In Luke 2:9 this story begins. An angel appears out of nowhere. The shepherds are scared. The angel announces the arrival of Jesus. In verse 15, the shepherds choose their response. They decided to risk being judged, and getting into trouble, to go and see the Savior. In that moment, they chose to act.

Today, remember that our God doesn’t work on our timing. Our God works on his timing. Things happen when he says they will, not before. Watch for him and then move. Every day is like every other day until it isn’t. Watch for God moving in the lives of the people around you. All of Bethlehem was unaware, but these shepherds. Rather than blow it off, or talk themselves out of doing something, they acted.

When God moves, we get to choose. God will do his thing. Will you do yours? Will you act when you see God moving?

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