Chosen to Follow – 1 Peter 1:1-2

By SAM Morrison

Chosen to Follow

Chosen to Follow - 1 Peter 1:1-2 | Follower of One

Notice Peter is writing to people who are aliens. What does it mean to be an alien? We’re not in our native land or country (or planet). We’re from someplace else. In verse 2 we learn where home is for us.

God the Father selected us for the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit. Think about that. You’ve been chosen by God, and you’re being set apart and prepared by the Holy Spirit. And the purpose is that we would Follow Jesus. Peter helps us understand we were chosen to follow Jesus.

Fortunately, following Jesus means we go against the world’s grain. We give instead of taking. We give things like appreciation, prayer and service because that’s what Jesus did. And in doing so, others see our motivation and the joy of our obedience (which is another strange concept). Our motivation and our joy, and our obedience are tools the Holy Spirit uses in their life to draw them closer to God.

Since you have been chosen to follow, why not follow him as closely as possible? Do we really believe following Jesus results in great joy? If we did, we would practice following him better and growing in our faith. Why not join us on the next Marketplace Mission Trip for a focused 2-week practice. It’s a daily email and, over the 2nd week, some video calls, all designed to help you follow Jesus at work or wherever you are. Why not head over to and check it out.

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