Everybody’s a Disciple with Dennis Allen, #113

Today on the Follower of One Podcast, Mike Henry and Roger Courville got to sit down with Dennis Allen, who is the author of the book Disciple Dilemma – Rethinking and Reforming The Way Church Does Discipleship. In this podcast, Mike, Rodger, and Dennis talk about how discipleship has changed with COVID-19, identifying the issue within the Church, and how discipleship is the foundation of Christ.

Dennis Allen
Dennis Allen

Outline of the Episode

  • 0:23 – About Dennis Allen
  • 1:47 – About the Disciple Dilemma – Rethinking and Reforming the Way Church Does Discipleship
  • 5:04 – How Dennis identified the issue with the Church
  • 8:27 – Discipleship is the foundation of Christ
  • 9:50 – What is discipleship?
  • 14:49 – What do I do just to follow Jesus?
  • 20:56 – Discipleship is relational, not transactional
  • 25:53 – What is Sphere Sovereignty
  • 28:24 – What does relational discipleship look like in everyday life?
  • 34:38 – Breaking out of the traditional semantics
  • 36:51 – How can we help the church?
  • 45:37 – Parallels between the business world and the Church

Identifying the Issue with the Church 

Dennis realized the parallels between the business world and the Church. People are walking out of church, they’re getting burned out of church, just like in the business world.

What is Discipleship? 

Discipleship is the foundation of Christ. Disciple was used to describe Jesus’ followers before he went to Antioch. But, they were not believers. Disciple is not a status, it is following Christ and staying in the mode of following Christ. 

What is Sphere Sovereignty? 

Think about bubbles in your life, and how they interact and intersect with the greater world. We have vocational spheres – or what we are called to be, and missional spheres – or how we are called to be missionaries of Christ. Sphere Sovereignty talks about how, as Christ followers, our multiple spheres intersect with our missional sphere. 

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