Excellence in Every Kind of Work – Exodus 35:31-35

By SAM Morrison

Excellence in Every Kind of Work

Mission Trip 2-4: Deliver Excellence – Why must we do excellent work? Anything we do projects on God. And we learn in Exodus 31 that God gives people skill. Sure, we learn it too. But God gives us abilities. He gives us access to information. We get different advantages, and we take advantages of them or not.

Here it says God filled them with skill. We’ve each been given a manifestation of the Holy Spirit. That’s our spiritual gift. However, many of us never find it or put it to work. We do what we get paid to do, and nothing more. As you get to know your coworkers, customers and vendors better, you can figure out how to deliver excellence. You will get an idea for some way to add just a little “something” to your work. That extra something comes from God. You get the idea when you pray. And as you look for ways to serve others, God will show you.

Today, go the extra mile. Your excellence makes Jesus visible. When someone compliments you and says that your actions were extra thoughtful, You can say, “Well, I did that because of an idea I got while praying. Did you like it?” And then drop back into listen mode and ask how you can do it better. Your commitment to serve others with excellence will make others want to know more about your motives.

Please today, think of one person you know who you think would like to hear this message. Copy and paste a link in a text or email to them right now. Your actions will make a difference in their life and your own.

Thank you for delivering excellence so that Jesus becomes visible to your coworkers today.

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