Giving Up Our Rights – Romans 6:7-8

Giving Up Our Rights

Mission Trip 2-2: Make time – When we die to ourselves, we live. Many of us understand this concept. We acknowledge it in our brains. We know it to be true, like we know about the inside of the space station or an expensive sports car. We’ve seen it. We read about it. But we only truly know something to the extent we actually did that thing.

But until we actually get inside, until we put ourselves in that spot, we don’t know. When we talk about making time for others on a mission trip, we want to challenge you to give your time beyond what you have. Get in deeper than you have ever gone. Give away a little more and watch Jesus work. He will give you life to the degree you can die to yourself.

This principle applies in scripture. We read it in this passage too. When we die to ourselves, we receive the life and the promises of Jesus. We get the freedom from sin, to the degree we can be alive to Jesus. When we die to ourselves, we become alive to Jesus and we begin to live his life right where we are.

Give some extra time today. Listen for Jesus. He often shows up in strange ideas, maybe an email to a friend or a thank you note. Sometimes these ideas appear while we’re praying. So ask while you pray today, but listen for his voice all day today. He will ask you to give up something you “can’t afford” to give up. He may show up and challenge you to stop your current project to help a coworker. Protect others, make your service to them optional and give them choices, but be available to help others and watch Jesus work. We free ourselves from selfishness and sin when we’re in the mode of serving others.

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