God’s Reach with John Scaggs, Ep. 35

God’s Reach

In this week’s episode of the Follower of One podcast, Mike speaks with John Scaggs. John is an Air Force veteran with over 25 years of experience as the CTO of Diligent, Inc. He is also the current President and CEO of WAY Media. WAY Media is a non-profit, faith-based and donor-supported organization. WAY uses media in a culturally relevant way to influence this generation to love and follow Jesus. Please welcome John to the Follower of One community!

Episode Breakdown

  • 1:25 – Meet John Scaggs
  • 4:55 – How John first connected with Way FM
  • 6:30 – John’s story on becoming a Christian 
  • 11:15 – John’s Path through his Work
  • 17:00 – Way FM’s Reach
  • 21:45 – John’s thoughts on Action during this Pandemic
  • 24:00 – The Core of the Marketplace Mission Trip
  • 31:45 – John discusses his tools for engaging his audience
  • 38:00 – Way Nation
  • 40:55 – How to connect with John

God’s Reach

John tells his story about how he came to be a Christian and start his walk through God on this earth. In his story, we learn that God had the plan for John before he knew what the plan was and nothing could stop that plan from coming to fruition. I learned something very important from this story – God’s reach is well beyond anything we can imagine for ourselves. Sometimes as Christians, we tend to think that through secular work, God is impeded by that barrier but we need to understand that God has no barriers, he has no borders and his love is everlasting. What are some of the things you have seen God do when you thought he might not be able to reach a certain person or program? Do you have stories where you couldn’t see him working but then had that “ah-ha” moment afterward? Tell us on Facebook or through Mighty Networks!

Knowledge and Application 

Having knowledge of how to do something and the application of that knowledge are very different. Sometimes we believe that we are much further along in the application process than we think and the Marketplace Mission Trip is a good reminder of this. John talks to Mike about how, just like the Follower of One Marketplace Mission Trip, we might not know what it really means to be living in his words and spread the gospel until we actively try to do it on a daily basis. So, how have you put your thoughts and ideas into an application? What results have you seen from actively living out your faith in the workplace? We at Follower of One would love to know! Listen to John as he talks about some of the tools he uses in WAY Media and there are opportunities for you to do the same! 

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