Tell our problems about God – Matthew 17:20

In Draw the Circle, Mark Batterson uses this verse to remind us that there are times when we need to tell our problems about God rather than telling God about our problems. In the COVID-19 pandemic, many are worried that this problem will change how we live forever. Others think it’s all a big scare. In addition to that pandemic, racial tensions continue to escalate. Our world is broken. Our sin broke it. Erwin McManus once said we should fall madly in love with Jesus and then do whatever we want. We’re so in love with ourselves. We do what we want, or we do what we think someone else wants. We try to be our own king, and that caused the fall of man. Our desire to do things our own way broke the world and our relationship with God. But God is powerful. He continues to work his plan. Today, let’s join God in his work by praying and living as if God will win because he already has.

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