How Powerful Is God? – Isaiah 45:7

How Powerful Is God?

How Powerful Is God? - Isaiah 45:7 | Follower of One

Interesting passage. God basically says that he creates calamity and darkness. Can we believe in and follow a God so big that we can’t understand him? I spent many years judging God. Then, when I started following Jesus, I realized he wasn’t who I thought he was. We can believe there is a great struggle between good and evil, but these chapters in Isaiah, God clearly claims his power over all.

Can you believe in a God who creates darkness and calamity or disaster? This prophesy is happening 150 years before Cyrus becomes king of Persia and lets the Jews return from captivity. The captivity was from God. He claims that in several places, too.

Often, I don’t believe he knows. I don’t believe he cares. But when I examine my thoughts, and when I force myself to make them consistent, then I realize he is in control. I can choose to take part, and enjoy the blessings and the relationship or suffer the consequences.

Today, in my weakness, I choose to take part. I choose to follow Jesus. And that causes me to find ways to pray for others, appreciate them and serve them. What will you do today? Will you join Jesus? Do you want to cement your faith into your life? Change your environment. Join our community. Make a monthly financial commitment. Go public and share our content online. Leave a marker in your life and don’t go back. Choose today to follow Jesus more closely and then trust him to make it happen. You can do everything I just mentioned at Or do it somewhere else. But don’t waste another day with a small God.

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