It’s All About Your Attitude with Roger Courville, ep#25

It’s All About Your Attitude

Roger Courville is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience studying attention in mediated environments – or how we get attention, and keep it, when technology is involved. Roger’s take on what matters when working within a “contactless” environment is very timely!

Episode Breakdown:

  • 1:14 – Roger has been studying attention in technology for 20 years
  • 2:49 – Roger’s background
  • 6:49 – How to look for the right opportunities
  • 14:34 – Acronym for Communication
  • 24:34 – Ministry Showing Up
  • 31:34 – How to get in touch with Roger

Root Cause

Life is long, but it seems to speed by us during certain times. The speed is a common problem in our everyday lives. Whether we are on “auto-pilot” or just going through the motions, sometimes we miss what is at the core of our being. The core is the root cause of something and that core seems to give us paralysis. How do we trace our steps back to the root cause and plan a course of action to achieve our goals? Roger confronts this in this episode with Mike. He likes to get at the root cause of our struggles, goals, ambitions, and achievements. This inspires the most important thing, though. Giving real brainpower to root causes can not only help us correct our course but can also enlighten us to many more solutions than we thought possible.

Attitude Speaks Volumes

Attitude is spoken about in every facet of life. Your attitude is directly correlated with your success in any given situation and the same goes for being a marketplace missionary. What attitude should I have today, should I have every day? What attitude should I use when things aren’t going my way or when opportunities present themselves to me? Roger talks about the type of attitude you should have when developing yourself in the workplace. Are we thinking of it transactionally? Or Relationally? Thinking relationally is one of the key aspects of workplace missionary success!

Currency for Relationship

What is the currency for a relationship? The answer is trust. Your best friend (spouse or otherwise) is not your best friend because of everything they know about you but because you trust them with everything they know. It is a two-way street. God is the same way. Trusting in the Word is important. How do we spend that currency? Can we spend that currency? When you have a strong relationship with God you begin to notice that other people react to you differently than before. This is not a coincidence! Roger even gives us a powerful story on this message during the interview.

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