Listen Like Jesus – Mark 10:51

By SAM Morrison

Listen Like Jesus

Listen Like Jesus - Mark 10:51 | Follower of One

Jesus asks Bartimaeus, “What do you want me to do for you?” Earlier in this very chapter, James and John’s mother came to Jesus and he asked her the same question. Jesus asked a bunch of questions. One friend counted 339 questions, in fact.

Jesus loved us and valued his relationship with us enough to set aside his position as God, and come to earth and live in our world and suffer and die on the cross. He is interested in us. He loves us. He values us. When we listen to others, we show them we share the same opinion. They’re valuable, interesting. Jesus calls us to love them. One way to say love is to quietly listen.

Listening tells others we think they’re important. The easiest way to speak with someone is to ask about them. Most of us are OK with sharing info about ourselves as long as we can make it sound good, and we don’t disclose anything that will make us feel inferior. So listen politely, don’t grill them about their faith or their knowledge of scripture. Ask about their successes, their accomplishments, their skills. This will give you an idea of how God wired them. As you build trust, listen for ways to help them or to serve them. Asking questions communicates appreciation. Today in your prayers, ask God to give you great questions to ask others. Watch what happens!

As a full-time minister in your workplace, you’re commissioned to appreciate others the way Jesus did. Start today by finding ways to listen more and talk less. Ask great questions. Think about the things you don’t know. When you dwell on this activity, you will improve. Your honest, genuine interest in others will help you pray for them and serve them.

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