Marketplace Mission Trip Day 1 – Pray


As Marketplace Missionaries there are five daily activities we can do every day to put us on mission with Jesus. In this video, Mike tells us about three prayers we need to pray daily. First, we need to pray to check-in and tell God, “Here I am”, each morning. Prayer number two, pray for blessings for everyone you will deal with today, co-workers, vendors, customers, and even that barista who just made your latte. And the third prayer is to pray for a spirit of thankfulness and to give God thanks for everything that has and will happen during your mission trip.

Join Us

Wondering what all this, “Marketplace Missionary” stuff is all about? Join us on our next Marketplace Mission Trip. Don’t want to wait? Join us over in our Community to ask questions, get prayer, get support, or just to spark up a conversation with us. Looking for more videos? Check out our YouTube channel.

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